This is me collecting my 1st prize win at Writers Week 2005

1st prize Writers Week humorous essay competition

Friday lunchtime and why is there never enough time? I try to avert my eyes as I sidle past the rows of enticing glossiness. But somehow I can never resist a fleeting glimpse of Utopia. Athenian Goddesses smile mockingly at me. Look at me, I am not having a bad hair day or my stomach isn’t gurgling from a night of over indulgence. Here I am posing on a sun kissed beach with no visible sign of mother hood apparent when I display my bikini clad concave stomach. Continue reading ‘Athenian Goddesses’



Image Celtic Tiger

Letter sent to the IRISH INDEPENDENT newspaper


Now that the Celtic Tiger has a firm grip on our country have we lost our true identity?
Granted we are more prosperous, more adventurous and wealthier than ever before but as a consequence have we lost our uniqueness that makes us distinctively Irish? Continue reading ‘Celtic Tiger Ireland’

Published in the Ireland’s Own magazine. This historical article relates to the history of Scattery Island off the coast of Co. Clare on the river Shannon.

A Visit to Scattery Island

Scattery island

Scattery Island

Originally named Iniscathy Island it is now more commonly known as Scattery Island. It lies at the mouth of the River Shannon one and a half miles from the Clare mainland. The island is clearly visible from the seaside town of Kilrush. Scattery is most famous for being the burial place of St. Senan who set up a monastic school here sometime around 534B.C. Continue reading ‘A TRIP TO SCATTERY ISLAND’

Published in the Woman’s Way Magazine

10th December 2004

Image of the Mom's Club

The Mom's Club

I went out with the gang from work last week to our Christmas party. It was as embarrassingly cringe worthy as usual. I drank a bottle of wine and a substantial amount of tequila. I ended up at a table with the ‘Moms Club.’
The main topic of conversation revolved around what Santa was going to bring and how their little eyes would light up on Christmas morning. Miriam is married to John and they have two ‘precious little gifts.’ She turned her
perfectly bleached head in my direction, ‘What about you, Claire? Isn’t it time you took the plunge? For some unexplained reason, I started bawling and now everyone thinks me and Kevin must be having fertility problems. Continue reading ‘The Mom’s Club’

Published in the Ireland’s Eye Magazine

Hollywood’s Princess

Hollywood's Princess

Princess Grace of Monaco

On January, 10 1956 she stunned her friends, colleagues and the world by announcing she was leaving Hollywood forever. During the Christmas of 1956, Grace Kelly phoned her mother and told her she planned to marry ‘Prince Rainier of Monaco’ She was at the pinnacle of her popularity in Hollywood at this time, she stood on her own in the film industry and had a reputation as being a refined, religious, accomplished actress. Continue reading ‘Hollywood’s Princess’


Best selling author Denise Deegan talks to Mary Kelly Godley

Author Denise Deegan

Interview with Best Selling Author, Denise Deegan .


‘I love dealing with the big issues we struggle with in life as this makes us who we are.’

(Q). Did having young children influence your decision to make the transition to full-time writing?
(A). Yes, absolutely. I don’t think I would have considered giving up my career if I hadn’t had my kids. I would have tried to continue working and wrote in my spare time but with the kids I couldn’t hold down my full-time career and still find the time to write my first novel, ‘Turning Turtle.’ Continue reading ‘Interview with Best selling Author Denise Deegan’

Published in the Irelands Own magazine, a historical article relating to Carrigafoyle castle and the downfall of the O Connor Kerry chieftains.

Carraigafoyle castle

Carraig castle

This year marks the 425th anniversary of the downfall of Carrigafoyle castle. For more than four hundred years it was the stronghold of the O’Connor Kerry clan.
The O’Connor’s have had a turbulent history. In the 13th Century the MacCarthys, kings of South Munster granted much of the O’Connor’s territory to Thomas Fitzgerald, the first Lord Kerry. The O’Connor’s were then pushed back into the extreme north of the county. Continue reading ‘The O Connor Kerry Kingdom’